CIE-10/11 Codification

Creation of a taxonomy that allows to move from the natural language with which the doctor writes to a probabilistic coding of the disease.

The system suggests the disease code, making several proposals after analyzing the text.

R&D Surveillance

A system that collects all the information on R&D projects, EU / American articles and grants to identify the best partners in each field and the state of the art of each research concept.

Personal Social Search

Creation of a search engine that allows you to accumulate your own topics of interest and then do searches on social networks so that the topics appear according to your relevance.

Hospital Quality

The hospital admission data is collected. Metrics are generated according to the standard of the hospital and compared with the means of the hospitals of the region, of the same type, of the same size to obtain panels of Best Practices and Topics to improve.

Health Emergencies Prediction

From the historical data of interventions and enriching the data with the context variables, we predict future interventions and the availability of troops from the emergency systems of a region.

Disease chain

A taxonomy of diseases encoded CI9-ICD10 is generated, symptoms and terms are collected in each disease.

The objective is to determine if suffering from an illness leads you to then have another.

Risk management Construction

The system receives the data of the construction projects and recommends risk models, allows their monitoring and offers a quality indicator on the progress of the work

Travel Recommendator

The system is able to create a taxonomy with the travel catalog. Each client brings together a set of features.
The system looks for suitable trips and similar clients to make recommendations.

Equipment Components Analysis

Classification of components according to problems they generate. Detect patterns and discover anomalies. Fault correlation. Claims Analysis (Service Desk)

Stocks management

The system collects weekly sales data for each group store. From here it is able to segment by store / product to establish categories.

The system adds external factors to predict more accurately the expected stock.

Warranty Management

A large volume of claims for repair is automatically received. These repairs detail the operations carried out and establish a time / price.

The system classifies claims by recommending their acceptance or not, and identifies fraud.

Advanced Cities Observatory

Solution to have an advanced city observatory that analyzes more than 1000 indicators to be able to benchmark and plan different scenarios.

The intention is to automatically capture the necessary data to be able to create an indicator and treat it semantically.

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